Dever runner up at Baw Baw Classic

Spent: Rowan Dever crosses the line in 2nd place yesterday. Photo: Ernesto Arriagada

Rowan Dever has finished a strong second in appalling conditions at Sundays Mt Baw Baw Classic. Dever was part of a successful early breakaway with Drapac-Pats Veg rider Drew Morey. The duo built a strong lead over the early part of the 103km event held in single digit temperatures, with temperamental rain and snow at the finishing summit.

The pair were only overshadowed by the outstanding ride of eventual winner Mathew Ross, also of Drapac-Pat’s Veg. Who managed to bridge across a gap of 1min 30 from a split chasing group on Vespers Hill, at around the halfway mark of the race. The trio worked together for the final half of the race. Ensuring they would not be caught by the Peloton. With Ross gaping Dever on just before the finishing climb up the grueling Mt Baw Baw. A 6.4km climb at a 12% average gradient.

 Above: Nick White sporting his Tineli rain jacket at the startline.

 “The actual run into the climb itself is a false flat. And to that point we had been working really hard to build up a gap. When Ross went I just couldn’t follow. He was like a motorbike today.” Dever said post race.

 “At the beginning of the climb proper Morey whacked me too and got a gap. But I didn’t panic, just rode to my threshold power. I had a feeling I could catch back up especially after how hard we had both gone all day.”

Dever crossed the line in second place @ 1min 57sec. With Oliver’s teammates Nicholas White and Liam Garriga finishing in the top 10 in 5th and 7th respectively.

 “I’m really thankful to my teammates who helped cover moves early on, and then helped protect my lead when we eventually got away. Oliver’s Real Food have proudly sponsored the Baw Baw Classic for a number of years now. So it is really satisfying coming out and putting in a strong team result.” Dever said.

Above: The placegetters in B grade men. Sponsored by Olvier's Real Food

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